Understanding Israel’s Democratic System & November’s Election

n November 1st, Israel will hold its fifth election in three and a half years. This period in Israeli politics has been marked by internal political conflict and external challenges. As Israelis prepare for the upcoming elections tension, increasing extremism and social gaps are becoming more apparent. Yet, this small but mighty democracy has never stopped believing in nor questioned the democratic process.

During this timely conversation, we will gain a better understanding Israeli democracy and the reasons why there is yet another round of democratic elections. We will also explore the differences between the democratic systems in Israel and the USA and what the results of this election might tell us about the direction in which Israel might be headed.

Join us as esteemed political analyst and esteemed Israeli foreign policy expert Yohanan Plesner, helps us understand this ever-evolving period in Israeli democracy. With his knowledge and expert opinion, we will learn:

How Israel’s democratic process works? What are the similarities or differences to the American democratic process?
What unique challenges the Israeli democracy faces both externally, and internally and their impact on the governance?
Why another election is being held at this time?
The role key groups in Israeli society play in the electoral process.

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