Afghan Refugees and Their Allies in Rescue and Resettlement

Very few of us can imagine suddenly losing our entire lifestyle and society that surrounds us. Afghan families are living this reality now. They were forced to flee their homeland, within a specific timeframe to a foreign land to which they had no connection and be at the mercy of foreign governments and the goodwill of humanitarian aid.

This webinar with take us behind the scenes and allow us to hear the courageous story of five friends who unwittingly became humanitarian frontline allies for Afghan families after initially assisting a former student. We will hear from journalist Danna Harman, documentary filmmaker Roni Aboulafia and humanitarian assistance expert Yotam Polizer, CEO of IsraAid who along with their colleague Charlene Seidel, head of a San Diego based foundation led the operation.

We will also listen to the personal story of one of their friends Rodaba Noori in the United Arab Emirates whose family was among the first to be rescued. They will share:

What inspired them to act in the face of horrific political upheaval, and the ensuing panic and pandemonium that ensued;

What it feels like for most Afghan refugees, preoccupied with the future while living in the in-between;

The hopes of Afghans for the future of their country and themselves.

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