Unique Thanksgiving Traditions: A story of U.S. Immigrants in Israel

Join us for a unique Thanksgiving story, steeped in the early immigrant experience in Israel but born from a yearning to celebrate the culture and traditions of home. We will hear from founding members Marilyn Glazier and Lori Melman and will learn about Har Halutz, a settlement established by nine American families in 1985 who were part of the early Reform Movement.

For these families, creating a sense of community would center around on holiday celebrations. For these American families, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving. We will learn what made these holiday activities so memorable.

What were the early days at Har Halutz like for the new immigrants?

How are families selected to take turns organizing hosting holiday gatherings?

How did these families make it a special celebration for the entire community?

Har Halutz now – how has the community evolved, and how have celebrations changed?

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