Live from Tel Aviv: AIFL’s 2022 Hispanic Community Leaders Delegation featuring Israel’s Selfie 2022

AIFL’s delegations are back in Israel, and now is your opportunity to hear first hand from the delegates of their experiences.

After meeting the delegation, we will join them as they listen to Professor Tamar Hermann, Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, and her in-depth analysis of Israeli democracy based upon a comprehensive survey of public opinion.

Entitled Israel’s Selfie 2022, the presentation and subsequent discussion will enable delegates to gain further understanding of the mosaic that is Israeli society. Each year this survey, provided to political leaders and the President of Israel, gives them vital insight to the thoughts of Israel’s society, helping them make informed decisions, seeking to strengthen the Israeli democratic fiber.

Along with our delegation we invite you to learn about:

Israel’s inherited challenges as it defines itself as a Jewish and democratic state
Israel’s socio-demographic structure and its impact on the national political map (and upcoming elections)
The realities of Israeli Jewish-Arab relations
Israel and the Palestinians – what’s next?

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