The Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis – Briefing By An Israeli Support Organization

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has led to one of the most devastating refugee crises since the Second World War. To date, over one million Ukrainians have fled their homes ahead of the onslaught of Russian tanks. Amid growing international horror and disbelief IsraAID, Israel’s leading non-governmental humanitarian aid organization, dispatched a team of first responders to the Ukraine’s Moldovan border.
Those arriving at border meet a friendly face, receive urgent relief distributions, emergency shelter and mental health support from IsraAid.
Join us to receive updates from those providing these services, including IsraAID’ s Head of Mission, community mobilizers, protection specialists and members of the emergency response team. We will:
View live footage from the Moldovan border, hear firsthand how the situation has evolved since February 24th, and meet Ukrainian refugees who will share personal stories of events of these recent 10 days.

Learn how we can help Ukrainian refugees as their needs outpace support

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