Shamir – War, Peace & A Dream

Yitzhak Shamir, the 7th Prime Minister of Israel, led a storied life now showcased in a riveting documentary, Shamir: War, Peace & A Dream. The film brings together a veritable roll call of Israeli politicians and generals to talk about his legacy. Interviews with Shamir’s confidants, colleagues and family, alongside reflections of former Prime Ministers, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, complement behind-the-scenes footage and archives.

The little-known personal history of Shamir is revealed onscreen, as director Igal Lerner offers a rare glimpse into Shamir’s early years in Poland, his family in Israel, and his leadership of the Stern Gang (Lehi) up through his years as Prime Minister.

Join us to meet the filmmakers and learn more about:
How this film and Shamir’s story are connected to our current times
Why it was important to create this film

How and why Shamir’s legacy is still regarded as a leadership model
You can view the movie trailer in advance of our webinar here: .

The film’s official webpage is:…….

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