Future Meat Technologies – The Future of Food is Cellular

Join us for a riveting conversation with Dr. Yossi Vardi as he introduces us to another leader in innovation, this time from the field of food technology. This leader is someone who provides an answer to the adverse environmental effects of the traditional meat industry.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Founder of Future Meat Technologies, the world’s first cultured meat production line. This meat is sustainable, healthy, delicious, and affordable, born from a unique marriage of engineering, biology and chemistry.

Learning from pioneers in the field of food technology Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Future Meat technologies is a step ahead of the competition, keeping their product affordable, while keeping production sustainable and scalable.

During his conversation with Professor Nahmias, Dr. Vardi will help us understand:

The ecological impact of meat consumption

The growing interest in plant-based meat and sustainable alternatives

What is ‘media rejuvenation’ and how it makes Future Meat Technologies stand out from its competitors

Why Professor Nahmias believes cultured meat is the wave of the future and can feed the entire world

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