A Medical Miracle in the Negev

Join us for an awe-inspiring story of one-year old twin girls, previously cranially conjoined, and the marriage of modern medicine and technological innovation that helped to successfully separate them.

We will learn more about the Soroka Medical team that supported the parents prior to the diagnosis during the mother’s pre-, peri- and post-natal care. We will hear from lead surgeons Dr. Mickey Gideon, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Soroka and Dr. David Steffenberg, Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone about the collaboration of the international medical team that undertook this monumental and extraordinarily complex 12-hour surgery.

During the webinar we will hear about:

The importance of Soroka University Medical Center to the residents of the Negev region;

The rarity of the medical phenomenon of craniopagus twins;

The enabling technology, including how 3-D modeling and virtual reality were implemented;

The tremendous accomplishment felt by the dozens of collaborating medical team members

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