IDF Briefing: Operation Breaking Dawn

These last few days, we all followed the most recent developments of “Operation Breaking Dawn”, which Israel deployed in the Gaza Strip in response to recent events carried out by the Islamic Jihad. After 55 hours of battle, late Sunday night, a delicate cease fire was brokered. For a behind the scenes perspective, join us for a briefing from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on this recent action.

The briefing will provide context and a better understanding of the prevailing threat of the Iranian sponsored terrorist organization Islamic Jihad. During this briefing we will learn:
• What was the reaction of partner countries in the Middle East?
• What was the imminent threat that triggered Israel’s action?
• Were there other impending threats to Israel?
• What would it mean for the Israeli population if action was not taken or deferred?
• What was the role of Iran, Egypt and Hamas in these events?

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