Gesher: Building Bridges in Troubling Times

Gesher is building a cohesive society in Israel and across the Jewish world using dialogue, interaction, and leadership. Since the 7th of October, Gesher has been at the forefront of numerous initiatives to solidify and further legitimize Israel’s international support as well as efforts to support the over 150,000 evacuees from the South and the North.

In particular, Gesher has harnessed their experience and professional team in several ways during this time of crisis. Please join us to learn from their team about how Gesher:

How Gesher was quickly able to assemble and lead delegations of family member of those taken hostage, or killed, to important capitols around the world to keep this issue at the forefront of the world’s attention; 

How Gesher quickly leveraged their professional facilitators to set up an informal education system for thousands of youth evacuated from the South to Central Israel; and 

How Gesher is partnering with their pool of Leadership Fellows to create national initiatives including building and training a network of 2,000 high school students for Hasbara efforts.

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