Israel’s Shining Star in Ukraine: On the Frontlines of a Field Hospital

Kokhav Meir — ‘Shining Star’ is the only foreign field hospital functioning in Ukraine, established to enable doctors and medical professionals from Israel to provide much needed medical care to those in need.

The hospital is located in Ukraine itself, in the city of Mostyska. It features a triage area, an emergency department, labor and delivery rooms, mental health services, laboratory, pharmacy and an outpatient clinic. It is connected to the medical facilities in Israel, so that expertise can be provided in real time from professionals who might not be located in the physical facilities themselves.

Join us for an update from the frontlines with the medical team leaders and volunteers from Israel’s humanitarian field hospital.

We will hear from medical personnel who will share their experiences about:
how the situation is evolving as the war wages on, what it means to be a ‘shining star’ for patients, what are the most critical needs of refugees, what is the psychological impact of the war on children and how the international community can assist the war-torn country.

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