Coming of Age – Perspectives on Being a Teenager in the US & Israel

Join us for an inter-generational conversation with our American and Israeli youth ambassadors. We pride ourselves in introducing the world to future leaders. This program will allow you to hear authentic stories from these teenagers who have experienced many changes during the last few years and have emerged stronger. They embarked on this educational adventure together embracing the opportunity to accomplish what they sorely missed over the last two years, having an organic in-person bonding experience with their peers abroad.
Following home hospitality programs in Houston, Oklahoma City and Virginia Beach our youth ambassadors have had opportunities for growth, while experiencing daily life together.

During our “town hall” conversation live from New York, they will share:
What they have learned about themselves and their peers during the pandemic
How they have adapted to the new normal in their respective countries and what that means
What social movements or global conversations have spurred them to find their voice or to act
What assumptions they may have had about each other prior to their YASE experience
What they have learned during their YASE experience, and has YASE impacted their perspective of each other
What current and new goals have emerged from this exchange.

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