b'AMIR BIRAM Amir Biram is the Founder and CEO of JTLV Investments (Jerusalem Tel Aviv Investments), a fund that invests and manages shopping centers and urban regeneration projects. Raising over NIS $2.1 billion, the fund operates across the spectrum of real estate asset classes, including residential, retail, offices, hotels, and logistics. JTLV engages with a range of projects including those with complicated and historic ownership, using intensive planning gain in achieving significant additional building rights, addition and change of building designation, and proprietary and legal challenges. Prior to JTLV, Amir founded and managed British Israel Investments, a real estate investment fund that managed a portfolio of $2 billion in commercial real estate. Amir started his career as an accountant, founding his own accounting firm, that was eventually acquired by International Brand BDO Ziv Haft. Amirs charitable work includes roles as the Chairman of Chut Hameshulash, a center for Disenfranchised Youth; Chairman of Ruach Chadasha, a youth association based in Jerusalem; Board Member of Betzalel, a Jerusalem-based art academy; Board Member of the Jerusalem Foundation, an independent community foundation dedicated to preserving an open, equitable, and modern society in Jerusalem; Board of Governors of Kemach Foundation, a non-profit grantmaking body which serves all Haredim in Israel by providing scholarships and job placement; and Board of Governors of Ayalim Foundation, a foundation serving the students from rural areas with a focus on the southern regions of the country.'