b'Prior to 2023, AIFL had expanded its product offerings to include Local Area Networks (LAN) and parlor meetings which were designed to create small communities of people to interact and network amongst each other, groups who had a common interest of enjoying a taste of Israel on a more intimate level, enhancing the engagement and involvement of our stakeholders with the organization. Both the webinar and LAN parlor meeting platforms were and are designed to support the mission of the organization based upon a combination of pro-active outward facing activities which bring Israel to the awareness of people in the U.S., allowing for much higher scalability than that offered via traditional channels of bringing people to Israel, utilizing lines of mass-communication not previously utilized, along with social media channels and technology. Throughout 2022 and 2023, we have been able to resume our traditional activities of travel to Israel. To enhance our delegation activity and our ability to connect with participants on that level, we have continued our messaging through webinars and parlor meetings, which we have rebranded as AIFL Connects. These three distinct, yet related, areas of activity combine to create a strong, three-legged approach that constitutes todays AIFL. These different areas of activity promote the mission of the organization in different ways, from the passive participation in webinars to semi-active engagement in AIFL Connects, to the fully active participation in delegations to Israel. While each area addresses different needs, groups, and demographics, they are designed to interact with each other to complement gaps that may otherwise exist. For example, by creating through the AIFL Connects platform a small community of returning delegation participants that has regular quarterly group get-togethers rekindling the intimacy and impact of their trip, the friendship, and their joint experiences, we close the historical gap that existed where there was no follow-up with participants in delegations upon their return to the U.S. The ongoing meetings leverage upon the groups post-trip energy and friendships to ensure long-term connectivity and engagement with AIFL and its mission. They also act as a backdrop for additional engagement within the communities in which they currently reside, another goal of the AIFL Connects program.'