b'Webinars, HighlightsThe AIFL webinar series continues to be popular with the AIFL community and in 2023, we continued our weekly webinars, continuing to attract regular viewers each week, even in the post- Covid era. We added new offerings including Zoomba, a series spotlighting Israeli NGOs with Israel Legacy Central and tapped into viewer favorites including monthly virtual tours with Shahar Fertig and vivid art tours with Gabriela Vainsencher. Our Fireside Chat series with AIFL Israel Board Member Dr. Yossi Vardi included sessions with Netzach, an Ultra-Orthodox network of innovative educational institutions from elementary to high school and an information session with Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch which explored the multi community city of Beit Shemesh and she has dynamically transformed that city. We also had historical figures, such as former Chair of the Jewish Agency of Israel and Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky.After the events of October 7, we were able to pivot our webinars to provide updates from the IDF, First Responders and numerous organizations that were assisting with boots on the ground help directly in Israel. We heard from many distinguished Israel luminaries who helped shed a light of hope during this dark moment. XXXXJune 2023'