b'REACTIONS FROM OUR VIEWERS AROUND THE WORLDVirtual Tour: More Haifa by DemandVibes of Tel AvivVirtual Tour Haifa is such a great city that we could learnTODAH RABAH!! Fantastic tour of the cityabout it for days and days. that I have been going to for 50 years! Todah Rabah Shahar! ~ Leslie Friedman ~ Leslie Friedman Thank you, Shahar, for another excellent tour.It brought back fond memories of my visits in 2018 & last November when I wasMishkan Museum of Art: Timeless Treasureprivileged to be in your tour group. Many moons ago, I did kibbutz ulpan on ~ Barbara Sigel Ein Harod Meuchad. When I discovered theFantastic presentation.Mishkan Museum of Art, I was amazed.I wish we could go on for more time!I am so glad that it is being recognized Thank you! for the gem that it is.~ Nancy Brown~ Zvi BurgAppreciate your overview of the museum collection and variety of activities. Looking forward to the next presentation.NATAL:Thank you very much!Creating an Iron Dome for the~ Zhanna Libkind Heart of Trauma Survivors One of the best presentations! Important timely necessary discussion. The emotional connection to the work As far as know what this feels like to of the presenters is inspirational. Holocaust survivors, I can tell all here Irene in Florida, from Montreal.what it means to my 92-year-old survivor ~ Irene Lipper mother. Who remembers everything and is seeing images front and center today right out of those memories. Not the same of course but haunting beyond words for her, our family, and Jews everywhere.A Musical Conversation for Mothers DayAs a physician I totally endorse theDida Pelled is most inspiring to my need to understand the proximate own musical and artistic journeyand sustained impact of traumas I am deeply thankful.on individuals, family, and extended ~ Marion communities. To understand and not be victims, however, to allow pain to workThis has been a delightful program. its course and healing to ensue. So pleased to have received an email ~ David Milch with the invitation. ~ Lib Sher'