b'The webinars are the foundation of unique and proprietary content that, with the loyal following that has evolved over the last several years, has created strong brand recognition in the marketplace. The webinars have created a strong buzz in the world of Jewish and pro-Israel organizations.In this manner, AIFL cracked a nut where other content organizations have failed. AIFLs focus on using diverse, in-depth content as a tool to support its mission, rather than the end goal, can explain the reason for AIFLs success in this regard.All these activities are promoted from the original simple but true assumption that started this organization: the common beliefs and values of our two nations create the bonds of true friendship, supporting each other in times of need, and rejoicing for the successes of the other. These bonds are unrestrained by age, faith, ethnic background, or political affiliation. Only through activities that promote mutual understanding of each other, and build connections and bridges across our communities, can these foundations be realized.AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'