b'Over more than thirty years, the Institute has played a significant role in Israeli public life. In recognition of its singular contributions to Israeli public life, the State of Israel bestowed upon IDI its highest honor: The Israel Prize for Lifetime AchievementSpecial Contribution to Society and State.IDI experts and staff presenting the 2022 Israeli Democracy Index to President Isaac HerzogYohanan Plesners LeadershipYohanan (Johan) Plesner has served as President of the Israel Democracy Institute since 2014.Under his leadership, IDI has undergone a series of transformative changes, including the reorganization of the Institute around five centers of research and policy (including two endowed centers), the near-doubling of its annual budget, the creation of a new communications division, and the expansion of an impact-oriented government relations arm. In the wake of the social and political crisis of 2023, Plesner oversaw IDIs emergence as a leading public advocate for constitutional reform.Amir Elstein, Bernie Marcus, Yohanan Plesner'