b'THE 1970s1971 The America-Israel Friendship League1977 AIFL initiates a youth program to Israel is formed and dedicated to the promotionfor 29 NYC high school students who travelled and development of mutual friendship andto Israel for a month and participated in Israeli understanding between the people of thesocial, cultural and educational activities.United States and the people of the State1978 AIFL expands its youth program to Israel of Israel through the interchange of cultural, educational, artistic and scientific knowledgeto include students from across the U.S.between both democracies. The National Christian Leadership Conference 1973 AIFL celebrates the bond between thefor Israel (NCLCI) was founded in 1978 at a American Labor Movement and the State ofgathering of Christian leaders from across the Israel with the first in a series of testimonialcountry who convened to celebrate the 30th dinners at the New York Hilton. anniversary of Israels independence and discuss mutual goals. 1979 AIFL Youth Program to Israel becomes the first formal high school exchange program between the U.S. and Israel. 1976 In commemoration of the U.S. Bicentennial, AIFL publishes two important booklets:Birth of Two Nations andA Legend is Born.'