b'THE 1980s1980 AIFL LEADS IN PROMOTINGJERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL FORUM, ISRAELI TECHNOLOGY A PROJECT OF AMERICA-ISRAEL FRIENDSHIP LEAGUE, INC.AIFL showcased the Israeli invention ofWith partial funding from the United States Tuboponics, a highly productive, space-savingInformation Agency, 17 of North Americas means of growing plants without soil and most distinguished professional women an important step forward in urban farmingvisited Israel and Egypt in April 1986 as the first delegation of the Jerusalem International Forum, under AIFL auspices. AMERICA-ISRAEL FRIENDSHIP LEAGUE YOUNG JOURNALIST EXCHANGE PROGRAMBetween 1985 and 1990, AIFL conducted AIFL Young Journalist Exchange Program for 15 Israeli young professional journalists and 15 American students of journalism. The program was funded by the USIA through the Presidents International Youth Exchange Initiative.YOUTH AMBASSADOR STUDENT 1982AIFL begins to support and launch pro- EXCHANGE (YASE) OUTREACH EXPANDSIsrael groups, among them Project Interchange,With the support of the Presidents to arrange ten-day seminars in Israel for groupsInternational Youth Exchange Initiative through of Americans engaged in public life. the USIA, AIFLs YASE program expanded its AMEDEL,a division of AIFL, was formed tooutreach. broaden understanding of the modern Jewish world, with a focus on Israel and its people. AMEDEL facilitated production and distribution of programs for television and other forms of media. 1983 AIFL publishes material to educate U.S. high School Students on the importance ofthe U.S.-Israel bond. AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'