b'This year also saw a transition in professional leadership. After an extremely long and successful tenure as our Executive Director in Israel, Ruby Shamir retired and passed the baton to Daniella Rilov who began her role as AIFL Executive Director in Israel in May. Daniella has shown plenty of new energy coupled with lots of new ideas as she has hit the ground running. We are excited for what is on the horizon for the organization on both sides of the ocean.Daniella RilovExecutive Director, IsraelSadly, the last quarter of the year has beedn marred with the devastating events of Oct 7th, and the impact it has had on Israel and Israels society.AIFL responded by expanding its webinar series to return to twice weekly webinars dedicated to the efforts that are taking place on the ground to address the needs of Israelis impacted by the massacre and its after-effects. Increasing the awareness and understanding of the massive sense of volunteerism and mutual support that is taking place within Israeli society is key to understanding what Israel and Israelis are about. AIFL has also repositioned its annual Gala to rather be an Evening of Friendship and Solidarity with Israel, taking place at The Pierre Hotel in New York City. This event will be dedicated to honoring the fallen and showing support and community with the People of Israel during these difficult times. We will also recognize three incredibly deserving awardees: Boaz Levy, President and CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries, who will receive the prestigious Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award, and Bernie Marcus, The Marcus Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder of Home Depot and Yohanan Plesner, Israel Democracy Institute President, who will both receive the coveted Partners for Democracy Award. In addition, this years Event Journal will recognize 75 Unsung Heroes who each, in their own way, have contributed something unique to Israel over the course of her 75 years and which AIFL has highlighted in one of our webinars over the last several years. You will come to see these contributions to be vital to the very fabric that makes up the State of Israel today.Although this years event does not have the same celebratory and festive tone as in years past, it is affording our community the opportunity to come together in solidarity and support for something we all hold dearour beloved Israel. In these uncertain times, our resolve and friendship with Israel is stronger than ever and our mission to ensure that the bonds between the United States and Israel based on shared democratic values is something that must be protected and must be at the forefront of everything we do.The following is a summary of our mission, goals, and details of our programming over the past year. AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'