b'REACTIONS FROM OUR VIEWERS AROUND THE WORLDMusical Compositions of TriumphVirtual Tour this month @Jaffa and theand Love for Tu BAv South of Tel AvivThank you Wayne and AIFL for sponsoringThank you for a compelling and interesting this wonderful Webinar. Anyone who wondersoverview of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv,what role art and artistry play in our livesI learned so much. should watch it. The emotional connection Ellas~ Linda Gersonmusic makes to overwhelming subjects like the Holocaust and social-political challenges in ourThank you. This was an enjoyable visit. I liked the world today is vitalCRUCIAL to bringing thesehistory, the art, and the contemporary scene. to a personal understanding. At least IMHO.~ Joyce Silver~ David Milch Very interesting tour and clear explanation. Thank you for all you are sharing and yourThanks, Shahar and friends of Israel. beautiful compositions - its so important and~ Buly Hazantimely. thank you, Ella - your musical voice is truly divine - very beautiful :) ~ Tania de Jong Zoomba Zumba: Life Is Happier When You DanceWonderful class! Thank you! Got me to move! ~ Deborah PriceIsraels Legacy: A conversation withLovely! Reminds me of the time I lived In South Matnat Chaim and Operation Ethiopia America and danced a lot of Rumba!!! These are always the MOST informative~ Agnes V Kleinand inspiring sessions and spiritual in the largest sense. ~ Ann Ginsburgh HofkinThis is one of the best, but certainly mostReimagining Education During War Athena Funds ImagineBoxinspiring programme.As a Gevim school principal I can say- An ~ Agnes V Klein empowered teacher is a condition for an Thank you for the very inspiring webinar!!empowered student. I am proud of Raaya; ~ Barbie Yoeli the pedagogical knowledge is strengthened in thinking and planning work on the platform of the room. There are endless insights into deep teaching and learning processes. 75 Treasures: Celebrating Israel at Seventy-Five ~ Yfat MenashkoTY to all three presenters of their collectionsThis was soooo moving and sooo amazing. I am which have been extremely fascinating.always amazed by the Israelis, every time I visit ~ Alan Mann and spend time in Israel. ~ Agnes V Klein'