b'DAVID SELA David Sela is a radio personality, TV personality, author, and preservationist. David is the Editor-In-Chief and Chairman of Nostalgia Online - Preservation of the Israeli Heritage, a large-scale grassroots project, which constitutes the largest online, archival concentration of Israeli history, culture, and nostalgic heritage. He also hosts a popular segment on Israeli Nostalgia Radio and is the author of a weekly article, 70 Years Later.HADI ORR Hadi Orr, a native of Israel, is married with two children and two grandchildren.Hadi studied graphic design and worked as an Art Director. Afterwards, he opened a printing house and graphic studio in Tel Aviv. More than 15 years ago, Hadi set up his Israeliana Museum, presently located in Ramat Gan where he stores most of his collections and gives lectures. Hadi also researches and writes articles about Israeli items.DAFNA JACKSON Dafna Jackson is the CEO of the Kahn Foundation, founded by Morris Kahn, a South African-born Israeli billionaire entrepreneur.She initially joined the Aurec Group as Mr. Kahns Personal Assistant in 2011 and later became his Executive Assistant. Within the framework of her role, Dafna serves as Mr. Kahns personal and trusted advisor and plays a major role in decision-making on many issues. She is particularly closely involved in his philanthropic ventures in the fields of education, leadership, health, medicine, science and environment.'