b'EXECUTIVE SUMMARYDuring this past year, the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) continued to build momentum, increased numbers of participants and donors, and launched new initiatives as we continued our successful webinar series, our in-person activities including several high-impact delegations to Israel and the re-branding and launch of AIFL Connects, previously known as Local Area Network (LAN)/parlor meeting outreach effort. We also launched the Friends of Israel Community, an additional outreach and engagement effort which engaged a new demographic of individuals withing the pro-Israel community.The AIFL webinar series continued to reach new viewers each week with the addition of new topics, creation of new partnerships and continuation of popular series which contributed to our consistently high weekly viewership. Viewers were taken on virtual tours of Israel, art exhibitions, learned about Israeli non-profit organizations making a difference, and much more.AIFL also continued to innovate and adapt its various programs, working to establish new benchmarks in 2023 and in the coming years. Significant program highlights included:Creating the foundation for solid, long-term follow-up with our returning delegation participants by enhancing our post-delegation follow-up through regular quarterly Zoom meetings and a WhatsApp group for each delegation. Continuing to expand our reach across the U.S. with the re-branding of our Local Area Network parlor meetings with the launch of AIFL Connects with an eye towards pop-up communities in the Berkely/San Francisco areas in California; San Diego and Los Angeles; southwest Florida; Arizona; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit; southern New Jersey; South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and the New York/northern New Jersey areas.Returning to our roots of delegations with the organizing and hosting of school superintendents and senior educators from across the United States for a week, followed by the leaders of State Assemblies, State Senates, and other Senior State Legislators in partnership with the National Conference of State Legislatures.Establishment of an Education Committee consisting of board members and educators from across the country charged with expanding and enhancing our Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) Program for 2024 so our high school students experience the best possible program in their high school years and beyond.'