b'THE 2020s2020 Friends-In-DeedsAt the onset of2020-2021 Youth Ambassador Technology COVID- AIFL made weekly donations of 50ExchangeAIFL connected five schools pounds and $500 worth of Israeli food, treatsthrough a remote learning exchange programand goods to frontline medical personnel into build and launch a nano-satellite.different cities around the United States. 2021 AIFL webinar series exceeds one million viewers.FRIENDS-IN-DEEDS CAMPAIGN On behalf of the Ohio University team, please accept our sincere thanks for your kind donation which we know will be received by the workers at My Sisters Place.~ Dr. Helen Cumberbatch, Athens, Ohio 2022AIFL happily resumes its Youth Ambassador Student Exchange post-Covid.FRIENDS-IN-DEEDS CAMPAIGN We partnered with @America-Israeli Friendship League on their #FriendsinDeeds campaign giving organizations in our network $500 worth of Israeli treats. Thank you to the #AIFL team for your creativity and generosity! ~ Cindy Greenberg,CEO Repair The World, NY2023AIFL resumes making friends for Israel with Leadership Delegations, a relaunch of in-person Frontline workers receiving Israeli snacks as part ofmeetings with AIFL Connects, the debut of AIFLs our Friends-in-Deeds campaign.Friends of Israel membership program and, after October 7, a full pivot to put 100% focus on assisting Israel.AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'