b'Never before have we witnessed the need for this message.The inability to resonate with Israelis as human beings, entitled to go to sleep and not wake up to the sound of exploding missiles, or to be slaughtered, raped and kidnapped at gun point, this lack of nominal empathy has grown into a an avalanche of anti-semitism/anti-Israel and to a reign of terror on Univertisy campuses and in the streets where Jews and Israelis are afraid to walk or wear identifying insignia.Now more than ever is there a dire need for the AIFL to spread its word and messaging.BackgroundHistorically, AIFLs focus was upon organizing travel to Israel through high impact delegations of influential individuals, such as state Attorneys General, state treasurers, CEOs, senators, and state representatives. Over the last several years, AIFL refocused its efforts upon developing its own custom, unique content, aimed at exposing and educating people about Israel, Israelis, its art, the sites, the culture, and all those things that make Israel unique, and yet having shared common interests with the people of the United States. Using technology to expand its product offerings, AIFL has continued its popular webinar series that exploded with viewers during Covid and in 2023, maintained a steady viewership, and a steady interaction rate, which is defined as share, like, comments and any other form of pro-active interaction within the session. The continued large community of viewers is attributed to a combination of consistent weekly webinars with high-quality and diverse topics, allowing us to avoid viewer burnout as experienced by many other organizations. In recent weeks, AIFL has repositioned its webinar series, reassumed a frequency of twice a week, with sessions focused upon exposing and enhancing the awareness of the tremendous sense of volunteerism and support that has overcome Israel and Isrealis since the events of October 7.AIFL LAN with Diplomat Ido Aharoni June 2023AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'