b'MAJOR GENERAL (RET.) NOAM TIBONMajor General Noam Tibon spent his 35-year military career in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) specializing in counter terrorism and homeland security. His command positions include service as Commander of the 202nd Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade, Deputy Commander of the Paratroopers Brigade, Commander of the Etzion Regional Brigade, Commander of the Judea Regional Brigade, Commander of the Nahal Brigade, Head of the Personnel Division of the IDF Ground Forces, Chief of the Infantry and Paratroopers Corps, Commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, and Commander of the Command and Staff College, IDF. His most recent military position was Commander of the Northern Formation, and he concluded his service at the rank of Major General. In retirement, his training in counter terrorism saved his family. Recently in a 60 Minutes interview, Noam described how he and his wife Gali, armed only with a pistol, rushed to the aid of their son and his family during Hamas deadly incursion of Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Racing from Tel Aviv to Nahal Oz, about an hour and a half away, Noam and his wife stopped along the way to help injured soldiers and survivors of the Nova music festival massacre. Meanwhile his son, Amir Tibon, hid in his homes safe room with his wife Miri and daughters Galia, 3, and Carmel, 1. You have to be quiet. You have to be locked, he often told his son. Trust me, I will come. This is my profession. Nobody, nobody, can stop me.And no one did. When they arrived in the area of the sons house, there were at least five bodies of terrorists and Israeli soldiers killed.He knocked on the armored window and one of his granddaughters recognized his voice, Grandfather is here. As a retired Major General, Noam continues his contributions to society as a private businessman and entrepreneur. He co-founded Cinturion Corp. that is building the Trans Europe Asia System (TEAS), a subsea and terrestrial cable fiber optic network. Noam is also the Chairman of Tel Aviv Global, the official economic and tourism company of the city of Tel Aviv, a Member of the Joint Generals Committee for strengthening the Jordan-Israel relationship, and a Member of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce.Noam holds a B.A. in History from the University of Haifa (Summa Cum Laude) and an M.A. in Public Administration from Harvard University (Summa Cum laude). He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College, IDF and of the U.S. Marine Corps University. Noam is married to author and historian Dr. Gali Mir Tibon and father of Amir Tibon, Senior Editor at Haaretz Newspaper, and Dr. Uri Tibon, M.D.'