b'and innovation centers. They also gained insight into Israels global humanitarian efforts through their visit to IsraAID. Travelling to the north, they experienced the proximity to the Lebanon border and received firsthand accounts from IDF officials about Israels defense measures. The delegation met with the Speaker of the Knesset and received enlightening briefings from top officials at the Foreign Ministry. Exploring the rich historical and religious sites in both the north and Jerusalem, the participants were deeply immersed in Israels cultural heritage. Also, while in the North, the delegation visited Dalton Winery, where they received a tour of the winery and enjoyed a delicious lunch, which was generously funded by a private donor. An especially memorable moment of the delegations journey was their personal meeting with Natan Sharansky during a live AIFL Webinar, adding a special touch to the participants experience. This meeting, and the visit to Dalton Winery, were coordinated and held in partnership with the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM). Our inaugural Asian-American delegation was planned for the Fall but due to the wildfires that ravaged Maui over the summer and the impact it had on much of the Asian-American community slated to join this delegation, a decision was made to postpone this trip to early 2024. Currently, there are six trips, in addition to the Asian-American delegation, on the calendar for 2024, as we recognize the impact our delegation travel has on our participants. Additionally, a newly envisioned Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) trip is currently planned for Fall 2024 which will include a college scholarship component for an alumnus from each US high school to continuepro-Israel AIFL programming on their college campus after their return from the YASE program.Friends of Israel CommunityIn February, AIFL emailed its inaugural monthly Friends of Israel newsletter, launching the Friends of Israel Community. This new initiative is a community of people who care about Israel and Israeliswhat Israel is all about, all beyond the scope of politics and religion. A community of people who want to be familiar with Israel, learn of the wonderful things that come out of Israel, learn of the commonalitiesFRIENDS OF ISRAELbetween the people of Israel and those e America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) has created the Friends of Israel Community, a community of of the United States. A community ofWelcome to the Friends of Israel Community,people who care about Israel and Israelis beyond the scope of politics and religion.We are a community of people who want to be familiar with Israel, learn about the wonderful things that come out of Israel, the people who care, not through blind commonalities between the people of Israel and those here in the United States.We leave the politics and religion at home and will connect you with other like-minded people in the adoration or guilt, but rather because United States, in person and virtually, and will engage you in conversations and activities to further this they see Israelis as like people in the United States, that Israelis are peoplecommon interest. friends-of-israel.comLook out for our monthly newsletter who also wake up in the morning withwith news of what is happening in Israel and our events.similar day to day problems and struggles, people who deserve to have true friends in the U.S. who will not do anything to intentionally harm them. AIFL is creating afriends-of-israel.comcommunity where these Friends of Israel leave the politics and religion at home and'