b'AMOS NACHOUMAmos Nachoum is a professional wildlife photographer and explorer.He is renowned for his close-up underwater photography of large marine animals such as whales, sharks, leopard seals, crocodiles, anaconda, and polar bears. Amos has received numerous awards for his work and has been featured in publications around the world. In addition to his photography, Amos is also an environmental activist and works to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the worlds natural habitats and wildlife. Amos aims his camera and expeditions to support science and conservation, inspiring awareness about the endangered wildlife.Amos arrived from Israel to the U.S. in 1977. Since 1978, he has explored every significant body of water from the North Pole to Antarctica. His photographs strive to dispel the myth of dangerous wildlife and show harmonious interactions between man and animal. His focus is on exploring close encounters of animal behaviorpredation, nursing, socializing, and migration.He also leads wildlife photography expeditions with his company, Big Animals Global Expeditions.Israel is my homeland and is one of smallest countries in the world, by size. However, and despite the surrounding animosity, we learn to excel,to be creative in technology, art, science, agriculture, medicine,conservation, and social tolerance.Amos recognitions include: first place for animals in their environment in the 2018 and 2022 Siena International Photo Awards; the 2021 World Nature Photographer of the Year Award; the 2019 International SeaKeeper of the Year Award; and a two-time winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for animal behavior. Amos has recently published BIG, a book of his photography of big animals from around the world. He has also been the subject of a documentary, The Picture of His Life, which tells the story of his epic adventure to photograph polar bears underwater in the wild: twelve people have landed on the moon, only five people have dived with polar bears.This year in November 2023, Amos will receive the NOGI (New Orleans Grand Isle) Award in the Arts, the highest award in the international diving industry.A MOSAIC OF ISRAEL|75 UNSUNG HEROS'