b'MULLY DOR Mully Dor was born in Israel and is the second generation of Holocaust survivors. He currently holds diverse roles as Chair of the Board AJEEC NISPED (Arab-Jewish Center for Empowerment, Equality & Cooperation-Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development), Founder and Board Member of IsraAid, Chair of the Board at Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, and Chair of the Board of Trustees at Ramat Gan Academic College. Previously, Mully was Deputy Mayor of Ramat-Gan, Vice President of Hevrat HaOvdim, and Council Chairman at the Israel Center for Management. He has also served as director in numerous publicly traded companies and cooperatives, and has participated in humanitarian aid work and sustainable development projects in many regions worldwide. Mully is married, the father of three sons and grandfather of nine.I believe that the Israelis mission is to build egalitarian, prosperous societies that promote peace, Democracy and sustainable development, thereby contributing towards repairing our community and world.SHAHAR FERTIG Shahar Fertig is an expert tour guide of Israel, storyteller and lecturer who teaches broad aspects of Israeli culture, nature, and history. The history of our nation and the roots of our culture demand us to be powerful and full of compassion for the weak and the needy.He holds a B.S. in Biology and Medical Science from Tel Aviv University, and an MPH from the University of Haifa. His academic work is focused on environmental health, risk behavior and social capital. Shahars work integrates his adventurous character and love of traveling with the art of storytelling. He carries messages of peace, compassion, environmental awareness, and respectful coexistence in all aspects of his work. Traveling with his family, friends, or customers, Shahar embraces spontaneous encounters with local people to enrich the tour with authentic experiences, various opinions, and cultural perspectives. Shahar lives in Israel with his wifeAvigal and is a father to 6-year-old old Shaqed and 4-year-old Gefen.'