b'EYAL ABRO Eyal Abro is a South Africa born, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Veteran. A lover of the sea since childhood, he immigrated to Israel at the age of 18 and since then has gotten to know the shores of Israel through his activities in kayaking and freediving.In 2010, Eyal founded SurfSki Israel, a company that engages in training, importing, and selling rowing equipment. (A Surf Ski is a long, narrow and lightweight technical craft similar to a kayak with an open sit-on-top cockpit.)Eyal always thought that one day I would like to build a project that has a social responsibility to where my heart lies. Thus, SEASU was created.In 2016, Eyal along with SurfSki Israel co-founded SEASU, a therapeutic and transformative paddling program for veterans living in the wake of physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma. Since its founding, they have been training an ever-growing community of Israeli Defense Forces veterans battling the ripple effects of military service and war. The rehabilitative paddling program is designed to rekindle belonging, challenge boundaries, and achieve balance within an ever-changing sea.The program recognizes that trauma runs deep and wide as the sea, however, in SEASU there will always be the promise of hope, purpose, and life beyond the horizon.MICHAEL McDEVITT SHAI Michael McDevitt Shai is a Founding Partner of SEASU. A native New Yorker, Michael lived in Israel for 10 years.With a quarter century of international brand-building experience, Michael brings vision, operations, and support in collaboration with individuals, institutions, organizations, and brands to create a sustainable organization.'