b'YORAM HONIG Yoram Honig, a contemporary content and media entrepreneur, leads Content Nation, a startup bridging creative industries to shape art forms and media experiences collaboratively.Its mission is to create high quality and profitable original content and tech in an ecosystem that integrates complementary creative studios, engaging international partnerships.With deep respect for Israels unique potential, Yoram draws from his 10th-generation Jerusalem lineage to guide his work. His award-winning filmmaking skills and role as the Founding Director of the Jerusalem Film Fund, the first municipal film fund in Israel, have contributed to the creation of more than 80 feature films, TV series, and animation.Yoram is renowned for pushing audio-visual boundaries and nurturing talent through hybrid training programs. Partnerships with industry leaders like Netflix, HBO, Disney, and Mattel showcase his ability to forge meaningful connections. His mission to elevate Content Nations projects is reinforced by associations with top-tier talent.In a rapidly evolving media landscape, Yoram remains focused on uniting creativity, technology, and culture to craft compelling narratives and experiences.I believe that Israel is uniquely poised to shapeprofitable tech art forms for the future.'