b'THE 2023 PARTNERS FOR DEMOCRACY AWARDThe Partners for Democracy Award is bestowed upon distinguished individualsand organizations who have meaningfully supported the ongoingfriendship between the United States and Israel. The Award honorssuccessful efforts to cultivate and strengthen the relationships, bonds andmutual respect that are shared by the people of both countries. CongratulationsBERNIE MARCUS The Marcus Foundation, Chairman & The Home Deport, Co-FounderYOHANAN PLESNERIsrael Democracy Institute, President THE KENNETH J. BIALKIN LEADERSHIP AWARDThe Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award honors the legacy of the lateHonorary Chairman of the organization. Ken (zl) dedicated much ofhis career to supporting Israeli companies that emerged from theUnited States financial and commercial markets.The Kenneth J. Bialkin Leadership Award recognizes people and institutionsat the forefront of business and politics whose leadership and pioneering spirit have helped promote commercial activity between the United States and Israel.CongratulationsBOAZ LEVY Israel Aerospace Industries President and Chief Executive Officer'