b'OMER ZUROmer Zur, born and raised in Rosh Pina, is Founder and CEO of Paratrek, a company that specializes in finding solutions for people with disabilities to enable them to enjoy nature with groups of people with and without disabilities.His father is paralyzed as a result of an injury while fighting in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, yet despite his father being in a wheelchair, the family would always spend time on family trips exploring nature in cars\\ATVs. After a meaningful service in the Israel Defense Forces as a Commander in the Infantry, Omer got the traveling bug and ended up traveling to 17 countries around the world. On the top of a mountain in Tibet, Omer realized that this was something his father would love and decided then and there to figure out how to make it happen. Back home, a moment Omer will never forget was when his father asked, How are we going to trek there!? and Omer replied, No problem, well carry you on a stretcher, to which his father, insulted, said, What do you think I am? A potato sack!? That moment changed everything. Omer set out to find a solution and developed the Trekker, an all-terrain wheelchair. The trek was a huge success and instilled in Omer the belief that the impossible is absolutely possible. Thus, Omer founded Paratrek. It is crucial for Omer that the focus be on the group of people traveling together, and NOT on their varying abilities. Inclusion is about changing peoples perspectives and eliminating prejudice. Paratrek also carries out R&D for assistive technology to support hiking for the physically impaired. Today Omer lives with Netta and their four children in Kibbutz Hannaton.A MOSAIC OF ISRAEL|75 UNSUNG HEROS'