b'Throughout my career, I have recognized the importance of the well-being of the people who have worked for me. I am the product of all their hard work. There isnt a charity where I dont say you dont have to thank me but thank the associates of Home Depot. They are the ones who make this happen, and I am forever grateful to them.For most people the triumphant success of The Home Billi and Bernie Marcus with Captain Ziv Shilon Depot would be more than the achievement of a of the Israel Defense Forces lifetime. Not for Bernie. For the past 30 years, Bernie has written another chapter by focusing his energy and resources on the business of philanthropy, to the tune of more than $2 billion in grants and gifts. First, I was an entrepreneur. That enabled me to become a philanthropist. I believe in free enterprise, its what made our success at Home Depot possible.I want to ensure its strength and continuation, so that there are opportunities for success for millionsof other entrepreneurs, as well.Bernie Marcus has gone far beyond the borders of simple grantmaking. In fact, he has again used his vision to lead a transformation, this time by helping to redefine the metrics philanthropists employ to distribute their wealth. His business acumen, combined with his passion for saving lives, culminates in a unique entrepreneurial approach often missing in the nonprofit sector. It has brought efficiency to an industry that was historically amateurish and rarely held accountable. Bernie Marcus withmembers of the U.S. Armed Forces at the Georgia Aquarium'