b'KFIR DAMARI Kfir Damari is a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of SpaceIL, a non-profit organization that works to promote science and science education. In 2019, the organization created Beresheet, Israels first lunar mission and the worlds first private spacecraft to attempt a moon landing. Beresheet 1 has made Israel the seventh country in the world to reach the moon and made it there with the smallest, most cost-effective spacecraft in history. Kfir has an expertise in turning impossible ideas into reality. Today, parallel to building the Beresheet 2 spacecraft, he uses his unique expertise to help exciting new ventures move from idea to reality and catapult established enterprises into new frontiers. Kfir holds both a B.S. and M.S. in Communication System Engineering from Ben Gurion University and has extensive experience in computer communication and cybersecurity in the startup industry, academia, defense industry, and the Israeli Army. He co-founded many ventures including Metapacket, Tabookey, Vaulto and has held teaching positions at Ben-Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, and the College of Management. He was honored to be a torchbearer in Israels 71st Independence Day, one of the highest commendations in Israel, as appreciation for his contribution to the State of Israel and the Jewish society. Kfirs vision is to empower the youth and encourage them to pursue their goals: Dream Big. Make it Happen. He has devoted his time and efforts to create the Beresheet effect, inspiring the next generation to engage in STEM education and pushing Israels civilian space ecosystem into new frontiers. He invests great resources in nurturing the next generation of groundbreakers and believes investing in todays children is shattering the boundaries of tomorrow.A MOSAIC OF ISRAEL|75 UNSUNG HEROS'