b'Levy joined the IAI in 1989 after a long and distinguished career in the Israeli Air Force, where he served as an expert on Guided Weapon Systems. Upon his release from the IAF, Levy joined IAIs MLM Division. He was a member of the founding team of the Arrow Program Directorate, which developed the worlds first and only operational Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense system. He fulfilled an array of roles in the Directorate, including Program Manager for Guidance and Control Systems, Program Manager for System Integration, System Engineer for the Arrow Interceptor development, Arrow Weapon System (AWS) Chief Engineer; and the AWS Program Director. Levy led the Arrow to operational status, overseeing a series of (left to right) Boaz Levy, IAI President and CEOInterception tests in Israel and the U.S.and Amir Peretz, IAI Chairman Board of Directors777AN EVENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY'