b'YARON TZURYaron Tzur currently serves as the Pedagogical Director at the Ghetto Fighters House Museum, not only the first Holocaust museum in the world but also the first of its kind to be founded by Holocaust survivors.Born in Israel, Yaron spent the first eight years of his life in the U.S. He assumed his new role in 2015 and oversees the museums educational program and content development in all educational departments. Within his position, he promotes and leads digital educational programs, both in the museum and online, on a variety of topics, such as the Holocaust of Soviet Jewry, moral dilemmas during the Holocaust, leadership, and much more. Over the years he has held various positions in the field of pedagogy at other organizations which prepared him for his current functions. From 2012-2015, Yaron was the Director of the Seminars, Conferences, and Lectures Department at the MulNevo Center. Earlier, in 1994, he coordinated youth delegations to Poland at MulNevo.Yaron also held teaching positions at the Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies where he worked with teenagers, soldiers, students, and teachers training programs, and at the Tamars House School for students with learning disabilities where he taught History, Civics, and English. From 1996-2001, Yaron was a Training Programs Coordinator for HaMeorer, where he constructed, organized, and led seminars for youth and educators in different subjects. In the mid-90s, he served as an Emissary for the Jewish Agency on short missions to Russia and Ukraine. Yaron also held several positions in the Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed youth movement and co-founded the Ravid educational kibbutz in the Galilee in 1993. Yaron holds a B.A. in Education from HaKibbutzim College of Education and an M.A. from the School of Education, Tel Aviv University with certifications from the Ministry of Education.'