b'And finally, this strong branding impact was the basis for two consecutive high-profile annual Galas, starting with the 2021 50-year Gala, featuring Presidents George W. Bush and Reuven Rivlin, Vice President Humphrey, and Congressman Herbert Tenzer (posthumously), and NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and the 2022 Gala which closed out the year with an equally high profile and impressive rollout, honoring five incredibly deserving awardees:Dr. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, Inc.; Kare Schultz, CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.; Danna Azrieli, Chairwoman of the Azrieli Group; Lisa Silverstein and Tal Keret, Vice Chairman and President of Silverstein Properties; and author, producer and actress, Special Envoy Noa Tishby.Integrating and extending its extensive community of stakeholders, and engaging in its diverse activities, AIFL is demonstrating its ability to activate regionally dispersed, non-partisan, non-affiliated, pro-Israel nodes around the country. This model has proven effective and continues to set us apart from other organizations as it makes us accessible to all those seeking to simply learn more about Israel absent a preconceived agenda. Our accessibility will continue to elevate AIFL in the coming years as we add new programs to our offerings and expand upon and enhance current programs to better build those enduring friendships between the peoples of the United States and Israel. AIFL Partners for Democracy Award 2022(left to right) Eric J. Gertler, AIFL Chairman and Chair Executive Committee; Ruby Shamir, AIFL Israel Executive Director; Jonathan Barsade, AIFL President; and 2022 Kenneth J. Bialkin Award Honoree, Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer, Inc.AIFL Partners for Democracy Award 2021 50-Year Gala(left to right)Eric J. Gertler, AIFL Chairman and Chair Executive Committee; President George W. Bush, Partners for Democracy Award Honoree and Jonathan Barsade, AIFL President'