b'AIFL, Mission & GoalsThe America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) is chartered with strengthening the relationship between the people of the United States and of Israel by improving perceptions about Israel.AIFL is a 52-year-old organization that operates like a new and nimble startup. As we often say, our middle name is friendship. While we remain true to our mission of making friends for Israel, we constantly pivot and adjust to the changing times. Whether it was pivoting to virtual programming during Covid or recognizing a need for new and different ways to engage the pro-Israel community,AIFL recognizes the fundamental need to continue expanding our membership base and to generate interest from new stakeholders.The goal of AIFL is to develop and promote activities that increase the awareness and understanding of Israeli society and its core foundations. AIFL seeks to promote activities that are intended to improve the general perception of Israel and to help both Americans and Israelis identify and appreciate their shared commitment to democracy, free speech, protection of human rights, the quest for knowledge and innovation, and the love and respect for life. AIFL aims to educate, teach, and expose people to the beauty of Israel, its people, its places, its culture, the places, the food, and the technology. It is the goal of AIFL to make the people of the United States and of Israel identify and make known those elements of their respective societies that will create these bonds of mutual commonality. It is also important that AIFL broaden the narrow lens that is often used here in the US to portray Israel so that people of the United States gain a better understanding of appreciation for what Israel is all about.For this purpose, AIFL is becoming a hub of activities that are designed to introduce Israel for what it is: its plurality of thought and customs, its sense of self-preservation and its innovative thought process, which not only make it a startup nation but also show how these are applied globally to making this a better world we all live in. These activities will be as diverse as Israel, not only in bringing people to Israel, but in bringing Israel to the people.'