b'YAIR APTER, PhDYair Apter, PhD, is a clinical Social Worker, with 25 years of experience, leading both private and group therapy sessions to assist in the rehabilitation of men who have expressed violent domestic behavior.He specializes in the field of psychotherapy with men, including those affected by Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), divorced fathers, and domestic violence.In addition to his clinical work with patients, Yair is a Professor of Gender Studies at Bar-Ilan University and the Director of the Naamat Abba Center for Fathers in Tel Aviv, a program that provides training and personal support for fathers coping with parental challenges. He is the author of The Minds of Violent Men: What Causes Intimate Partner ViolenceAnd What We Can Do About It. The book, published in 2022, was born out of Yairs desire to give a voice to the other side of the equation and reveal the psychological, social, and mental complexities of the minds of violent men. OPHER DORON Opher Doron has been CEO of EVR Motors, an Israeli startup dedicated to the manufacturing of electric vehicles, since November 2019. He leads a team in developing advanced electric motors designed to be smaller and more cost effective than traditional designs. Prior to this role, Opher spent 8 years as the VP, General Manager of MBT Space Division at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the leading supplier of wide-ranging air defense systems to global forces such as the Israeli Defense Forces. He led the development, construction, launch, and operation of observation and communication satellites for Israeli and foreign users. Doron also Oper led IAIs team in the design and building of SpaceILs Beresheet lunar lander.Previously, from 2003 to 2008 Opher was Director of Marketing for MBT Missiles and from 2008 to 2011 headed the Tactical Systems Division at NESS TSG (Ness Technologies Systems Group). Until 2002 Opher served in the Israel Navy in a variety of operational and staff positions. He commanded several missile boats, including a Saar 5 corvette and Squadron. His last position was Head of the Operational Requirements Department. He retired from the Navy as a Captain and continues to serve in the reserves, holding the rank of Rear Admiral. Opher holds a B.A. in Economics with honors and an MBA from Haifa University.A MOSAIC OF ISRAEL|75 UNSUNG HEROS'