b'TOM COHENTom Cohen, 40, is Founder, Arranger, Head Conductor, and Musical Director of The Jerusalem Orchestra East West, a multi-cultural orchestra, founded in 2009, comprising musicians from three religions, from all over the country and from all of Israels diverse groups.He is considered to have developed a new musical language, one that led him to establish orchestras, based on the original Jerusalemite prototype, around the world: in Canada (LOrchestre Symphonique Andalou De Montreal), Belgium (The MED Orchestra), Morocco (Symphoniyat), and more. Tom is considered to have a unique ability with which he transmits the music of North Africa and Arab countries to Western classically trained musicians and vice versa. This ability enabled him to lead The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on one hand, and the renowned Algerian Orchestra El Gusto, on the other. PHOTO CREDIT: DANIEL KAMINSKYDuring the years 2011-2013, Tom served as Artistic Director of The Gibraltar World Music Festival and is currently serving as Artistic Director of Arabesque, Akkos international Arabic music festival. As a composer, he contributed original music for popular Israeli television series and movies including Zagury Empire by Maor Zagury, Footnote by Joseph Cedar, and Testimony by Shlomi Elkabetz. Tom has collaborated with renowned artists worldwide (Rachid Taha, Enrico Macias, Yasmin Levy, Ishtar Alabina, David Broza, Nasreen Qadri, Benjamin Bouzaglo, Emil Zrihen, Maurice el Medioni, and more), as well as many of Israels most popular acts. Considered to be one of the most fascinating Mandolin players worldwide, Tom plays an instrument, especially built for him by Israeli Luthier Boaz Elkayam, in a unique technique he developed, combining his Arabo-Andalusian knowledge with his Western musical education.'