b'Delegations2023 saw a continuation of delegation activity with two very successful trips occurring in the first half of the year. AIFL continues to see high-impact delegation activity as a cornerstone of its continued activity base.The first delegation was that of School Superintendents and Senior School Education Administrators in March. The trip was conducted in cooperation with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and was led by AASA President, Dr. Shari Camhi. The group consisted of superintendents representing school districts across the United States, including AASA Executive Committee members and generalSchool Superintendents and Senior School Education Adminstrators visit members.with the Mayor of Isifya.The purpose of the delegations visit was two-fold: 1) to inspire education professionals through their visit to Israel to create and share experiential learning opportunities for their students; provide opportunities for educational technologies in the classroom; foster and establish partnerships and networks for their schools and colleagues with Israeli schools and educational organizations; 2) to cultivate a growing base of educational leaders from school districts across the U.S. who will advocate for their students to participate in their own experiential education opportunity through AIFLs decades-running Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) program. YASE is a month-long educational opportunity in partnership with the Israel Youth Exchange Authority, which brings students from the U.S. and Israel together to learn from each other, experience daily life in each others country through home hospitality, and to discover that despite the distance and oceans between them they are more similar than they are different. The trip included a stay at Tel Aviv, where the participants participated in a webinar streamed live, providing insight into, and background about, Israels complex education system, particularly the efforts and resources invested to address the different cultures, norms and social groups that comprise the Israel social mosaic. They visited an Israeli based humanitarian project that provides pediatric heart-care for children from developing countries; they met with the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai and met with graduates of the YASE program and organizers.They travelled to the north and visited a Druze village and the holy sites on the Sea of Galilee and received a security briefing from the IDF.In Jerusalem they had a briefing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by Israeli technology entrepreneurs and tech investors and toured the Old City of Jerusalem.'